Who signed the petition to get County Charter on the ballot?

To put Proposition One on this fall’s ballot required gathering approximately 2,800 signatures of Skagit County registered voters. Home Rule Skagit volunteers spent many hours this summer talking with voters throughout the county to explain the opportunity our state constitution provides for updating county government to meet 21st century challenges. By the deadline, these volunteers had over 3,300 signatures. The satellite image of Skagit County below shows where those signers live with a red dot. They are everywhere in Skagit County. There is broad support for the greater representation, transparency, and accountability that charter government can bring to our county. Vote “Freeholders Yes” on the ballot and select freeholder candidates who support the charter, not those running to sabotage the opportunity that a tremendous grassroots effort has brought us.

What appears on the ballot is “Freeholders Yes” or “Freeholders No.” If a majority vote “Freeholders Yes”, the Freeholders (delegates) they choose on the same ballot will draft a suggested form of county government. Once they have done that, the draft will go to the voters to accept or reject. Those opposing Proposition 1 on this fall’s ballot are opposing following the state constitutional provisions for updating county government. They are opposing our even having a discussion of how improvement could happen. They are opposing Skagit County’s citizens, for the first time in the 135 year history of our county, choosing our own form of government.