Skagitonian Leader Quotes

Jill Boudreau, Mount Vernon Mayor

"I support the charter vote.
No modern organization would operate under the structure we currently use."

Liz Lovelett, Anacortes City Council Member

"Governance is stronger with a clear division of legislative and executive duties. A county charter provides a path forward for a three-branch system."

Dale Ragan, small business owner, former Mount Vernon City Council member

"Every long-term successful business, large and small, periodically reviews its every process. If they don’t, they typically end up on the junk pile of failed businesses. The same should be done by our governmental entities... The charter will put a modern approach in place."

Sharon Dillon, small business owner, former County Commissioner and former Mayor of Sedro-Woolley

"The best change the charter will bring about is a 5-9 member County Council, so representation for the whole county will be more diversified.

Good decisions come from people who have different ideas working to understand each other, learn from each other and our constituents.

The Latino community needs to have a bigger voice and be more engaged, they are such a huge part of our county. Many have lived here a long time; immigrants bring their history and culture, and they bring change. Change is always good: we become stronger people."